Android vs Apple

If you obsess over phones or brands of any kind, you are a worthless idiot.

The stupidity of both sides of this one is just plain sad.

Apple fuckers just love the beauty a style of that stuff. Fine, shut the fuck up.
Android fuckers just love to think they are so fucking tech savy. No, you aren’t, shut the fuck up.

Having a piece of technology doesn’t make you special. It doesn’t make you wonderful because it is. It doesn’t make you a hacker because you know how to root a phone.

If people want an iPhone, fine leave them the fuck alone. If people want to dick around and configure the shit out of a different phone, fine leave them the fuck alone.

The problem with both sides is that they think they are so fucking special for all kinds of reasons. So stupid.

They… are… fucking… phones. Holy shit people.