Bikes in the road

Bikes belong in the road. Bicycle for a few months and you’ll understand why. Any argument against this will come from someone who should be shot for their laziness.

The issue is… Bicyclists who break traffic laws. I will enjoy the sound of crunching bones if I get to witness a bicycle run a red light and then get mowed down by a law abiding driver. If you drive and break laws, you don’t deserve to drive. The same goes for bikes, but…

When you break laws on a bike, you make stupid drivers think we all do that. When stupid drivers think I am not law abiding and then run me off the road, you (the law breaking cyclist) deserve to die in the act of breaking said laws. Cycle complete, pun intended.

Make drivers hate me for being on a bike in the road? Make your skull squish under a car tire so I can watch.