I’m just sick of people and their religions. It’s sad how people need so much to feel connected to the universe that they pretend to believe in this crap. Some of them really seem convinced too. If you follow a religion without having real evidence it is truth, then you are a moron. Which makes you all morons! Unbelievable that you really think the shit you spit is evidence.

God this. Allah that. Your religions are the reason we have war. Religion is the problem. I would happily exterminate any person who tells me I need to repent. Die. Just die and disappear, you mindless cunts. If I’m bad because I don’t follow your pathetic book, then you are by simple definition, bad. If my beliefs are acceptable, then so are you.

If your book says anything about me, then you are worthless for believing it.

I have solutions which do not involve death. I may describe these ideas. I may not.