The gay retard is short and fat and throws like a girl…

I tend not to use the word gay when I speak, but I shouldn’t be told its wrong to use just because a bunch of faggots don’t like it… Gay means a few things, among those are: lame, messed up, and wrong. It used to mean happy for fuck sake. Meanings of words change when massive amounts of idiots decide to start a fad. Fads turn to reality when enough people forget the original reality.

Bottom line here, gay means all kinds of things so deal with it. Gays are quite literally messed up, lame and wrong in one very specific way… They won’t make any babies that way. I’ll get to that in the “gays that make a big fucking deal about it” post some day.

Retards are retards! Stop being offended by the word used to describe exactly what you are!! Retard means to slow. Retards are slow people. People that are slow. Retarded. Also quite often stupid because they can’t learn fast. How low do we have to set our standards before people realize how pointless it is? If you’re stupid, sorry, too bad, do something about it, or don’t… Just don’t fucking bitch about the name we give to your condition. Your time is better spent reading some books.

The same argument goes for fatties, and sissies that throw like girls… If you’re fat. You’re fat, deal with it or fix it… If you look weak while throwing a ball, you look like most girls do when throwing a ball. Women, deal with it, you just can throw a ball right.

Literally hundreds of other pussies out there complaining about the different words used to describe their pussyness. Shut the fuck up, live with it!